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Hot Enough for June (1964)

This British spy comedy casts Dirk Bogarde as Nicholas Whistler, a work-shy would-be writer who is content with his life on the dole – until Colonel Cunliffe of British Intelligence (Robert Morley) chooses him to replace a deceased 007.

Being a Czech speaker, Nicholas is shipped off to Prague “on business” (actually for a spot of industrial espionage, though he doesn’t know that). While there, he falls for his beautiful driver, Vlasta (Sylvia Koscina), who is obviously (but not to him) a secret agent herself – and also the daughter of the chief of the Communist counter-espionage service (Leo McKern).

A great supporting cast includes Derek Nimmo, Derek Fowlds, John Le Mesurier, Roger Delgado and John Junkin.

Released in the US as Agent 8¾.

Nicholas Whistler
Dirk Bogarde
Vlasta Simonova
Sylva Koscina
Colonel Cunliffe
Robert Morley
Leo McKern
Roger Delgado
Sun Bathing Man
Derek Fowlds
Cunliffe’s secretary
Amanda Grinling
Noel Harrison
Philo Hauser
Roger Allsop
John Le Mesurier
Jill Melford
Derek Nimmo
Richard Pasco

Ralph Thomas