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Too Hot To Handle (1960)

Known in America as Playgirl After Dark, this movie starred Jayne Mansfield, Christopher Lee and pint-sized Carry On sex-bomb, Barbara Windsor.


In London’s Soho, Johnny Solo (Leo Genn) runs the Pink Flamingo strip club. He’s tough to intimidate. So when he starts getting threats and demands for protection, he fights back.

Behind the takeover plot is a competitor, Diamonds Dielli (Sheldon Lawrence).

Mansfield plays Midnight Franklin, who’s Johnny’s girlfriend and one of the club’s headliners. She desperately wants to get Johnny out of the business.

Christopher Lee (with a pimp moustache) is Novak, Johnny’s sleazy club manager (and emcee).

Subplots involve German actor Karlheinz Boehm (just before Peeping Tom) as a French (!) writer, an intellectual Austrian stripper (Kai Fischer) and an underage stripper called Ponytail (Barbara Windsor).

A lot of time is devoted to elaborate fantasy numbers (steam bath, a calypso number, and a staged monsoon, complete with rain) with almost naked women.

Can Johnny win the struggle with Diamonds, and can Midnight get him out of harm’s way?

After seeing this movie, it’s hard to believe anyone ever called Jayne Mansfield “the poor man’s Marilyn Monroe“.


Midnight Franklin
Jayne Mansfield
Johnny Solo

Leo Genn
Robert Jouvel

Karlheinz Bohm

Barbara Windsor

Christopher Lee
Diamonds Dielli

Sheldon Lawrence
Lilliane Decker

Danik Patisson
Inspector West

Patrick Holt

Kai Fischer

Penny Morrell

Katherine Keeton

Susan Denny

Judy Bruce

Elizabeth Wilson

Shari Kahn
Flash Gordon

Tom Bowman

Terence Young