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Hurry Sundown (1967)

Rad McDowell (John Phillip Law) returns from the Second World War to discover that his Georgia farm is threatened with takeover by a cruel property developer.

hurrysundown2With his black neighbours also facing pressure to move out, the two families join forces to fight for their land.

There’s little pleasure in watching this overlong adaptation of a doorstop novel, which totally miscasts Michael Caine as a ruthless southerner, replete with menacing accent and surly scowl as he tries to buy up most of Georgia.

A feisty Jane Fonda is along for the ride, John Phillip Law is vacant and wan, Faye Dunaway is blowsy and tiresome, Robert Hooks is noble and dull – and they’ve got the more interesting roles . . .

Not even the epic-looking location photography gives this mess credibility or style. For collectors of really bad movies only. And insomniacs.

Henry Warren
Michael Caine
Julie Ann Warren
Jane Fonda
Rad McDowell
John Phillip Law
Lou McDowell
Faye Dunaway
Reeve Scott
Robert Hooks
Rose Scott
Beah Richards
Sheriff Coombs
George Kennedy
Judge Purcell
Burgess Meredith
Vivian Thurlow
Diahann Carroll
Professor Thurlow
Rex Ingram
Peter Goff
Thomas Elwell
Loring Smith
Dolph Higginson
Luke Askew
Eula Purcell
Madeleine Sherwood
Sukie Purcell
Donna Danton
Rev Clem De Lavery
Frank Converse
William Elder
Charles McDowell
Steve Sanders
Carter Sillens
Jim Backus

Otto Preminger