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I Deal in Danger (1966)

This 90-minute film was edited together from a number of episodes of the 1966 television series, Blue Light

David March (Robert Goulet) is an American Nazi who has renounced his country and taken German citizenship.  He is ruthless and ambitious and, during World War II, is established as a Nazi propaganda expert becoming a confidant of the top German hierarchy.

But one man, a Gestapo agent called Elm (Werner Peters), does not trust David. Elm has tracked down all but one of an Allied spy ring – and he suspects that March is the unknown top man on his list.

David March
Robert Goulet
Suzanne Duchard
Christine Carère
Dr Guy Spauling
Donald Harron
Horst Frank
Werner Peters
Gretchen Hoffmann
Eva Pflug
Ericka von Lindendorf
Christiane Schmidtmer
von Lindendorf
John Van Dreelen
Hans Reiser
Margit Saad
Peter Capell
Dr Brunner
Osman Ragheb
John Alderson
Dr Stolnitz
Dieter Eppler
Dr Zimmer
Manfred Andrae
Alexander Allerson
Submarine Pilot
Paul Glawion
Dieter Kirchlechner

Walter Grauman