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I Start Counting (1969)

14-year-old Wynne (Jenny Agutter in her first starring film role) is infatuated with her older (32) foster-brother, George (Bryan Marshall) who still lives at the family home. She fantasises that they will marry when she is older and daydreams about him kissing her or walking in while she is in the bath.

George, meanwhile, is not at all interested and treats Wynne as his own little sister.

Coming to suspect that he may be guilty of a series of recent sex-related murders in the area (scratches on his back, blood on a sweater), she proceeds to cover up his suspicious tracks while dreaming of a more intimate relationship.

George is actually having an affair with Leonie (Lana Morris), a fragile woman whose blood was on his jumper after she slashed her wrist in a suicide attempt.

Meanwhile, the sex killer is still at large . . .

Co-stars include Gregory Phillips as another brother Len, Madge Ryan as the mother and Billy Russell as Granddad. Wynne’s flirtatious friend Corinne is played by Clare Sutcliffe.

Touching on several taboo subjects including incest, drugs, rape and teenage sexuality, this well-made British thriller was filmed on location in Bracknell, Berkshire.

Jenny Agutter
Bryan Marshall
Clare Sutcliffe
Bus conductor
Simon Ward
Gregory Phillips
Lana Morris
Billy Russell
Madge Ryan
Michael Feast
Mrs Bennett
Fay Compton
Aunt Rene
Lally Bowers
Priest at School
Charles Lloyd Pack
Priest at Church
Lewis Fiander
Gordon Richardson

David Greene