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I’ll Never Forget Whatsisname (1967)

Oliver Reed is Andrew Quint – a director of TV commercials for Lute Advertising who just can’t stomach the hypocrisy of his job any longer.

Bored with the trappings of success and his hollow life, Quint leaves his wife, Louise (Wendy Craig,) and dumps his model-mistress, Josie (Marianne Faithfull), then travels to his office one morning armed with an axe and chops both his desk and career to pieces.

Pursued by the scheming boss Jonathan Lute (Orson Welles) who represents all that Quint despises, he sets out on a bittersweet journey through Swinging London to examine his life and re-discover his literary integrity.

He returns to the small literary magazine where he worked as an editor after leaving Cambridge and quickly forms a relationship with secretary Georgina (Carol White).

But Lute buys the magazine and tries to bully his resentful whiz kid into returning to work for him again.


Quint reluctantly agrees and is handed a crucial commercial account, but plans to destroy his reputation by producing an offensive and mocking corporate ad campaign.

During its premiere showing at an advertising award show, Quint’s scheme backfires and his commercial wins the top honour.

The film courted controversy because of its explicit language and sexuality – It was one of the first British movies to contain the word “fuck”.

Andrew Quint
Oliver Reed
Jonathan Lute

Orson Welles
Louise Quint

Wendy Craig

Marianne Faithfull
Georgina Elben

Carol White
Gerald Sater

Harry Andrews

Norman Rodway

Edward Fox

Frank Finlay

Michael Hordern

Michael Winner