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Impossible Years, The (1968)

College psychiatry professor Jonathan Kingsley (David Niven) and his wife Alice (Lola Albright) are shocked when their beautiful 17-year-old daughter Linda (Cristina Ferrare) is arrested at a campus protest and charged with disturbing the peace, inciting to riot, resisting arrest, and unlawful assembly on university property.

She is also caught carrying a picket sign with an unsavoury word written on the back (she claims she never turned the sign around to see the naughty word).

Linda also smokes cigarettes, gets caught speeding, and keeps a messy room – all of which drive her psychiatrist father crazy – but when she poses for a nude painting he really throws a fit.

Niven is superb and carries the film, with a little assistance from the other players, particularly Ozzie Nelson (in his last film role) in a minor part as a hypochondriac doctor.

Jonathan Kingsley
David Niven
Alice Kingsley
Lola Albright
Linda Kingsley
Cristina Ferrare
Abbey Kingsley 
Darleen Carr
Richard Merrick
Chad Everett
Dr Herbert Fleischer
Ozzie Nelson
Bartholomew Smuts
Jeff Cooper
Dean Harvey Rockwell
John Harding
Freddie Fleischer
Rich Chalet
Andy McClaine
Michael McGreevey
Dr Elliot Fish
Don Beddoe
Mrs Celia Fish
Louise Lorimer
Mrs Rockwell
Karen Norris
Miss Hammer
Susan French
Trudi Ames
Dr Pepperell
J. Edward Mckinley
Dr Bodey
Ned Wertimer

Michael Gordon