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In the Doghouse (1961)

In The Doghouse follows the misadventures of kindhearted but bumbling new veterinarian Jimmy Fox-Upton (Leslie Phillips) who eventually graduates after 10 years of trying.

He buys a run-down practice and juggles a high caseload and a complex love life – with glamorous nightclub performer Sally Huxley (Peggy Cummins) and her mischievous chimp – while dealing with boorish rival Bob Skeffington (James Booth) who has a scheme to export old horses to France for their meat.

The laughs come from Fox-Upton’s dealings with the locals.

Keep an eye out for Hattie Jacques, Esma Cannon, Dick Bentley, Joan Hickson, Vida Hope, Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Fenella Fielding and Patsy Rowlands.

The film was based on the reminiscences of Alex Duncan, who did for vets what Richard Gordon did for doctors. He wrote four books, A Vet’s Life, which the film is based on, then Vet in Congress, Vets in the Manger, and Vets in the Belfry.

Jimmy Fox-Upton
Leslie Phillips
Sally Huxley
Peggy Cummins
Primrose Gudgeon
Hattie Jacques
Bob Skeffington
James Booth
Mr Peddle
Dick Bentley
Colin Gordon
Mrs Peddle
Joan Heal
Mrs Raikes
Esma Cannon
Miss Fordyce
Fenella Fielding
Mr Ribart
Richard Goolden
Miss Gibbs
Joan Hickson
Mrs Crabtree
Vida Hope
Jacqueline Jones
Mrs Muswell
Peggy Thorpe-Bates
Sid West
Harry Locke
Patsy Rowlands
Kynaston Reeves
Middle-Aged Woman
Joan Young
Massage Woman
Judith Furse
Lance Percival

Darcy Conyers