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It! (1967)

After one of their storehouses burns down, museum director Grove and his assistant Pimm find everything destroyed except for one statue which mysteriously withstood the fire undamaged.

it1966It transpires the cursed statue was created by Rabbi Loew in the 16th century and will withstand every human attempt to destroy it. Pimm decides to use it to his own advantage.

Director Herbert J. Leder wanted the film to have the style of the Hammer Studio horror films that were popular during the ’60s and used similar camera work and audio effects to those of a Hammer film.

Although shot in colour, US theatrical release prints were in black and white.

Arthur Pimm
Roddy McDowall
Ellen Grove
Jill Haworth
Jim Perkins
Paul Maxwell
Professor Weal
Aubrey Richards
Harold Grove
Ernest Clark
Curator Trimingham
Oliver Johnston
Inspector White
Noel Trevarthen
Detective Wayne
Ian McCulloch
Old Rabbi
Richard Goolden
Miss Swanson
Dorothy Frere
Young Captain
Tom Chatto
Steve Kirby
Russell Napier
Museum Guard
Brian Haines
Museum Guard
John Baker
The Golem
Alan Sellers

Herbert J. Leder