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It’s a Bikini World (1967)

Mike Samson (Tommy Kirk), the big man on his southern California beach and the object of desire of every girl on the beach, falls for Delilah Dawes (Deborah Walley), who is in the area visiting their mutual friend, Pebbles (Suzie Kaye).

Despite Pebbles’ assertions that Mike is a great guy, feminist Delilah finds him arrogant, chauvinistic and conceited and flatly rejects his advances.


After Mike overhears Delilah tell Pebbles that she would rather date a modest, serious boy rather than a star athlete like Mike, he decides to conduct an experiment to see if Delilah is true to her word and passes himself off as his serious, quiet, studious, uncoordinated and bespectacled “brother”, Herbert.

The ploy works as Delilah starts to date Herbert in order to bring him out of his shell.

bikiniworld1Mike’s ability to pull off the masquerade is hindered by his roommate/Pebbles’ boyfriend, the dimwitted Woody (Bob Pickett, soon to become famous as Bobby “Boris” Pickett, composer and performer of The Monster Mash).

This orphan beach movie by Stephanie Rothman (who would go on to become a prolific director of sexploitation films in the 1970s) was actually shot in 1965 but sat on the shelf until American International Pictures distributed it in 1967.

Deborah Walley died on 10 March 2001, in Sedona, Arizona, from oesophagal cancer.

bikiniworld9Delilah Dawes
Deborah Walley
Mike Samson/Herbert Samson
Tommy Kirk
Bob Pickett
Suzie Kaye
Harvey Pulp
Jack Bernardi
William O’Connell
Jim Begg
Lori Williams
Pat McGee
Sid Haig
The Animals 
The Toys
The Gentrys
The Castaways

Stephanie Rothman