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Je T’Aime, Je T’Aime (1968)

Returning to the subjects of lapsing time and unreliable memory that had informed all his earlier features, Alain Resnais harnessed that old sci-fi standby, the time machine, to bring an extra dimension to this intriguing study of lost happiness, despair and death.

Unfortunately, as the suicide survivor dispatched to retrace his past, Claude Rich struggles to make an impact amid the fragmentary recollections of his affair with Olga Georges-Picot (pictured above), for whose demise he may be responsible.

There may be a fantastical poetry about the enterprise, but it’s also a searching investigation into the helpless insignificance of human existence.

Claude Ridder
Claude Rich
Olga Georges-Picot
Wiana Lust
Anouk Ferjac
Agnès de Smet
Annie Fargue
Bernard Hannecart
Bernard Fresson
Germaine Coster
Yvette Etiévant
Marcelle Hannecart
Irène Tunc
Jan Rouffer
Van Doude
Dr Haesserts
Dominique Rozan
Antoine Kammers
Yves Kerboul
Paul Goofers
Ray Verhaege
Georges Levino
Pierre Barbaud
André Moyëns
Alain McMoy
Jacques Rhuys
Vania Viler
Dr Delavoix
Georges Jamin
Marie-Noire Demoon
Marie-Blanche Vergnes

Alain Resnais