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Jokers, The (1967)

Rich, roguish brothers David (Oliver Reed) and Michael (Michael Crawford) Tremayne scheme to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London for a lark, in this light-hearted caper comedy/drama.

Thrills and laughs abound, thanks to intelligent plotting and breezy performances from the two stars (the wild man and the mild man of British entertainment).

It’s a quintessential “Swinging London” movie, full of nice locations and ever-so-British attitudes.

The Dick Clement/Ian La Frenais screenplay was virtually director-proof and was entrusted to Michael Winner, who certainly does a decent job of it, making it seem regrettable that he ever veered away from comedy.

There’s also splendid support from Harry Andrews, James Donald and Michael Hordern.

Michael Tremayne
Michael Crawford
David Tremayne
Oliver Reed
Inspector Marryatt
Harry Andrews
Colonel Gurney-Simms
James Donald
Daniel Massey
Sir Matthew
Michael Hordern
Gabriella Licudi
Lt Sprague
Edward Fox
Lotte Tarp
Warren Mitchell
Lt. Col. Paling
Michael Goodliffe
Mrs Tremayne
Rachel Kempson
Mr Tremayne
Peter Graves
Uncle Edward
William Mervyn
Mrs Pervis
Freda Jackson
Warren Mitchell
Sgt. Catchpole
Brian Wilde
Ingrid Boulting
Maj. Gen. Jeffcock
William Kendall
Lt. Sprague
Edward Fox
Capt. Browning
Mark Burns
De Winter
Kenneth Colley

Michael Winner