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Just Like a Woman (1967)

Scilla Alexander (Wendy Craig) is sick of her TV producer husband, Lewis McKenzie (Francis Matthews). His love of the bottle and his flirtatious behaviour with the stars of his numerous television productions drive her to leave him.

She quits her job as a singer on one of his shows and moves in with her friend John (John Wood) while she plans to build herself the ideal home – one designed perfectly for baths and parties.

She buys a plot of land and consults mad ex-Nazi architect, Graff von Fischer (Clive Dunn) who has a crew of staff dressed as WWII pilots who travel about in Messerschmt KRs.

Barry Fantoni appears as a delightfully obnoxious and spaced-out pop star.

Typical of “swinging sixties” films, the film is colourful and vibrant and has a cool jazz soundtrack.

Scilla Alexander
Wendy Craig
Lewis McKenzie
Francis Matthews
John Martin
John Wood
Bathroom Salesman
Dennis Price
Ellen Newman
Miriam Karlin
Saul Alexander
Peter Jones
Graff von Fischer
Clive Dunn
Ray Barrett
Sheila Steafel
TV Floor Manager
Aubrey Woods
Elijah Stark
Barry Fantoni
Lewis’s Girl Friend
Juliet Harmer
Mark Murphy
Michael Brennan
Scilla’s Friend
Angela Browne

Robert Fuest