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Kid Galahad (1962)

Elvis Presley stars as Walter Gulick – just back in his hometown of Cream Valley from a stint in the Army – who becomes a sparring partner at a fighter’s training camp run by Willy Grogan (Gig Young).

When Gulick’s fast fists and stamina show him to be of championship calibre, Grogan sees Gulick as his meal ticket for paying off a large gambling debt to gangster Otto Danzig (David Lewis).

Young’s sister, Rose (Joan Blackman), and his girlfriend Dolly (Lola Albright) try to prevent the new ring sensation from becoming involved with the criminal element in boxing.

Charles Bronson portrays Gulick’s trainer, Lew Nyack.

Elvis sings six songs, including King Of The Whole Wide WorldRiding The Rainbow and Home Is Where The Heart Is.

To prepare for his role in the film, Elvis went into training with ex-world junior welterweight champion Mushy Callahan. After miles of road work each morning, Elvis worked out on light and heavy punching bags and boxed for hours with Callahan and several professionals hired to teach Elvis the ropes (no pun intended).

Walter Gulick
Elvis Presley
Willy Grogan
Gig Young
Dolly Fletcher
Lola Albright
Rose Grogan
Joan Blackman
Lew Nyack
Charles Bronson
Otto Danzig
David Lewis
Robert Emhardt
Father Higgins
Liam Redmond
Howie Zimmerman
Judson Pratt
Max b
Ned Glass
Harry Sperling
George Mitchell
Jerry Bathgate
Roy Roberts
Joie Shakes
Michael Dante
Richard Devon
Jeff Morris

Phil Karlson