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Kissin’ Cousins (1964)

A US Air Force Lieutenant tries to convince his hillbilly cousin to allow the government to build a missile base on his family’s rural land.

Light and fluffy musical, starring Elvis Presley in the dual roles of the military man and his (blonde) redneck relative, with Arthur O’Connell and Glenda Farrell.

Most of Presley’s movie vehicles arouse the suspicion that their makers thought cheapness and speed more important than quality, but this double-trouble romantic comedy is a pleasant way to pass the time.

Plenty of gals, punch-ups and forgettable tunes ensue.


Josh Morgan/Jodie Tatum
Elvis Presley
Pappy Tatum
Arthur O’Connell
Ma Tatum
Glenda Farrell
Captain Robert Salbo
Jack Albertson
Selena Tatum
Pamela Austin
Cynthia Pepper
Azalea Tatum
Yvonne Craig
General Alvin Donford
Donald Woods

Gene Nelson