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Ladies Who Do (1964)

Peggy Mount plays Mrs Cragg – a cleaner who stumbles upon some sensitive commercial information which she innocently passes to “The Colonel” (Robert Morley) – a retired army officer living in very reduced circumstances and renting with Mrs Cragg – who buys some shares and makes a killing.

She rounds up a few other char ladies who also clean up carelessly discarded paperwork and, with a bit of discerning analysis, they are soon wheeling and dealing on the stock market like experts – they set up a company called Ladezudo (“ladies who do”) – so they can save their homes on Pitt Street from demolition by a local property developer.

The cast is superb, including; Peggy Mount, Robert Morley, Harry H. Corbett, Jon Pertwee, Nigel Davenport, Dandy Nichols, Miriam Karlin, Graham Stark, Cardew Robinson, Avril Elgar, Arthur Mullard and John Laurie.

This classic British comedy was made in 1962 by the ailing British Lion company but the release was shelved until early 1964. It’s still a charming, funny film – and a first-rate social history to boot.

Mrs Cragg
Peggy Mount
The Colonel
Robert Morley
James Ryder
Harry H. Corbett
Mrs Higgins
Miriam Karlin
Emily Parish
Avril Elgar
Mrs Merryweather
Dandy Nichols
Sydney Tait
Jon Pertwee
Miss Pinsent
Joan Benham
Police Inspector
Ron Moody
Police Driver
Cardew Robinson
Mr Strang
Nigel Davenport
Arthur Howard
Ernest Clark
2nd Stockbroker
Tristram Jellinek
Dr MacGregor
John Laurie
Graham Stark
Shop Steward
Brian Rawlinson
Drill Operator
Harry Fowler
Bulldozer Driver
Bruce Wightman
Mrs Parish
Margaret Boyd
Mr Merryweather
Arthur Mullard
Mr Gubbins
Ed Devereaux
Mrs Gubbins
Marianne Stone
Carol White
Barbara Mitchell

C.M. Pennington-Richards