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Last of the Secret Agents, The (1966)

Matt Helm, Derek Flint, Napoleon Solo – Hollywood tried but there was no one to touch 007 in the 1960s cloak-and-dagger stakes and this bumbling spy spoof was a particularly auspicious failure.

US double act Marty Allen and Steve Rossi bungle their bid to be the new Abbott and Costello as recently recruited spies out to thwart international art thieves.

Theo Marcuse has fun as the head of evil empire THEM, possessor of the lost arms of the Venus de Milo statue and desperate to bag the rest of her, but writer/director Norman Abbott of Get Smart and The Munsters TV fame offers us mere crumbs of comedy amid an otherwise stale series of slapstick routines.

The film co-stars Nancy Sinatra who, in a memorable sequence, catches her waitress outfit on a doorknob to reveal a sexy black Frederick’s of Hollywood ensemble underneath. It’s the highlight of the film.

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Marty Allen
Steve Donovan
Steve Rossi
J Frederick Duval
John Williams
Nancy Sinatra
Papa Leo
Lou Jacobi
Zoltan Schubach
Theo Marcuse
Connie Sawyer
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Baby May Zoftig
Remo Pisani
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Norman Abbott