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Les Bicyclettes de Belsize (1968)

This 29-minute short by Douglas Hickox is a pure 1960s fantasy where boy-meets-girl around the streets of Hampstead village.

With musical accompaniment but no dialogue, a camp-looking chap called Steve (Anthony May) – dressed in far too much yellow, even for 1968 – rides around on a particularly small camp-looking bicycle (also yellow) dreaming of the beautiful model in the Raleigh bicycles advertisement on the billboard he crashes through.

Meanwhile, the girl (Judy Huxtable) – whose name is Julie – is lonely at the top and looking for love. One day they meet by accident – and it’s love at first sight.

That’s it! It’s light and frothy, lasts for just under half an hour, and the music will be stuck in your head for days. It will also make you want to go and buy a bike.

The eponymous theme song (sung by Anthony May in the film) was a major hit in parallel English and French versions by Engelbert Humperdinck and Mireille Mathieu, respectively. Both of their versions of the song were released in 1968, shortly after the film.

The Boy (Steve)
Anthony May
The Girl (Julie)
Judy Huxtable
Little Girl (Kate)
Leslie Goddard
Little Boy
Barney Reisz

Douglas Hickox