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Life at the Top (1965)

Joe Lampton returns in this sequel to Room At The Top (1959), which is actually a strong film in its own right.

Joe (Laurence Harvey) thinks he has now really made it by marrying the boss’s daughter in his northern mill town.

But he finds he is being sidelined at work and his private life manipulated by his father-in-law (Donald Wolfit).

Even so, he ignores an offer of a job in London and keeps away from attractive TV presenter Norah (Honor Blackman).

When he finds his wife Susan (now played by Jean Simmons who replaced Heather Sears who had played the role in Room At The Top) is having an affair with their handsome friend Mark (Michael Craig), he reconsiders on both counts. But can he make it on his own down south?

Joe Lampton returned to the small screen in 1970 in the TV series Man at the Top with Kenneth Haigh as Lampton and Zena Walker as his long-suffering wife, Susan.

Joe now had a new home in Surrey’s stockbroker belt and a career as a management consultant.

Joe Lampton
Laurence Harvey
Susan Lampton (nee Brown)
Jean Simmons
Norah Hauxley
Honor Blackman
Michael Craig
Abe Brown
Donald Wolfit
Robert Morley
Margaret Johnston
Mrs Margaret Brown
Ambrosine Phillpotts
George Aisgill
Allan Cuthbertson
Harry Lampton
Paul A. Martin
Barbara Lampton
Frances Cosslett
Ralph Hethersett
Ian Shand
George A. Cooper
Nigel Davenport
Andrew Laurence

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