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Loved One, The (1965)

Arriving in California to visit his distant uncle Sir Francis Hinsley (John Gielgud), young English poet Dennis Barlow (Robert Morse) takes a job at the Happier Hunting Ground, a pet cemetery.

When his uncle commits suicide, Dennis finds himself drawn into the bizarre world of mortuaries and morticians.

An outrageous, scathing black comedy about the business of death and life in Southern California, this hip adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s 1948 novel is sick humour at its best.

Rod Steiger is shudderingly awful as the mortician Mr Joyboy (pictured above), but spot-on cameos from James Coburn, Liberace and Lionel Stander just about compensate.


Dennis Barlow
Robert Morse
Wilbur Glenworthy/Harry Glenworthy
Jonathan Winters
Mr Joyboy
Rod Steiger
Aimee Thanatogenos
Anjanette Comer
General Brinkman
Dana Andrews
Mr Kenton
Milton Berle
Sir Francis Hinsley
John Gielgud
Immigration Officer
James Coburn
DJ Jnr
Roddy McDowall
Tab Hunter
Mr Starker
Sir Ambrose Abercrombie
Robert Morley
Mrs Kenton
Margaret Leighton
Sadie Blodgett
Barbara Nichols
Guru Brahmin/Hump
Lionel Stander
Joyboy’s mother
Ayllene Gibbons
DJ Jnr’s secretary
Asa Maynor
Gunther Fry
Paul H. Williams
Lorenzo Medici
Martin Ransohoff
Mr Bogaloff
John Bleifer
Mrs Bogaloff
Bella Bruck

Tony Richardson