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Magnificent Seven, The (1960)

The inhabitants of a small Mexican village hire seven gunmen to protect them from a group of hardened bandits who are ruining their lives.

Director John Sturges (The Great Escape) was extremely fortunate in securing a near-perfect cast for this enduringly popular western reworking of Japanese classic Seven Samurai (1954).

Not content with forging a new iconic image for King of Siam Yul Brynner as a black-clad gunslinger, he also created key star-making roles for 1960s sensations Steve McQueen, James Coburn and Charles Bronson.

The use of Panavision landscape is glorious to behold, Eli Wallach is a suitably slimy villain and the action sequences are tremendously exciting.

Jerry Goldsmith’s opening theme is one of the best. In just two minutes and four seconds, the orchestral stampede is so impressive you’ll believe you and six mates can protect a peasant village from bandit hordes.

Chris Adams
Yul Brynner

Steve McQueen
Eli Wallach

Horst Buchholz
Bernardo O’Reilly

Charles Bronson

Robert Vaughn
Harry Luck

Brad Dexter

James Coburn
Rosenda Monteros

John Sturges