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Magnificent Two, The (1967)

The third and final comedy vehicle for popular British television duo Morecambe and Wise presented Eric and Ernie as two inept travelling toy salesmen who set off to a Latin American banana republic in the middle of a revolution.


Unfortunately, Eric discovers he is an exact look-alike of rebel leader Torres.

When Torres is killed Eric is bribed to pose as the revolutionary in exchange for millions. Unfortunately, as with all Eric and Ern endeavours, it’s not quite that simple . . .

Eric finds himself in control of the country and participating in official functions. During a concluding battle, the revolution ends when a lingerie-clad female army install Carla (Margit Saad) as president.

Eric Morecambe
Ernie Wise
Margit Saad
Virgilio Texera
British Ambassador
Cecil Parker

Cliff Owen