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Maryjane (1968)

High school students gang up on the new art teacher/football coach they dislike (Fabian) and plant marijuana on him while he is trying to stamp out the local dope dealing.

Bailed out of jail by fellow teacher Elli Holden (Diane McBain), he goes through a lot more hard-knocks and pot parties before discovering that she is, in fact, the big pusher and a heroin addict.


Phil Blake
Elli Holden
Diane McBain
Jordan Bates
Kevin Coughlin
Jerry Blackburn
Michael Margotta
Susan Hoffman
Patty McCormack
Harry Braxton
Russ Bender
Maynard Parlow
Booth Colman
Police Chief Otis Mosley
Baynes Barron
Arthur Ford
Henry Hunter
Herbie Mueller
Phil Vandervort
Roger Campbell
Ivan Bonar
Byron Morrow
Mr Blackburn
Ward Ramsey
Bruce Mars
Chuck Poe
Steve Cory

Maury Dexter