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Mind Benders, The (1962)

A captivating British sci-fi film involving espionage in the wake of scientific studies on the effects of long-term sensory deprivation (which 80s Ravers will surely relate to).

Dr Henry Longman (Dirk Bogarde) is just one of the scientists who spends a few hours in an isolation tank and ends up even more unpleasant than he was before.

The film boasts some fine performances from a strong cast of the UK’s acting greats – not to mention the screen debut of Edward Fox.

Dr Henry Longman
Dirk Bogarde
Oonagh Longman
Mary Ure
Major Hall
John Clements
Dr Tate
Michael Bryant
Wendy Craig
Professor Sharpey
Harold Goldblatt
Geoffrey Keen
Terry Palmer
Edward Fox

Basil Dearden