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Mini Mob, The (1967)

From double Oscar-winning documentary-guru Robert Amram – who claims with a rueful grin that this movie ruined his feature film career – The Mini Mob is one of those could-only-happen-in-the-Swinging Sixties pieces about a quartet of teenage Mod princesses who are so desperate for boyfriends that they’re forced to kidnap them.

Their quarries include pirate radio deejay Mike Maroon (played by BBC disc jockey Rik Dane) and pop singer Georgie Hart (played by pop singer Georgie Fame, who abruptly departed in the middle of shooting to promote a new record release in America and forgot to return).

Also features the first-ever movie score by The Bee Gees.

Released in some markets as The Mini Affair.

Georgie Hart
Georgie Fame
Rosemary Nicols
John Clive
Sir Basil Grinling
Bernard Archard
Lucille Soong
Mike Maroon
Rik Dane
Julian Curry
Gretchen Regan
Madeline Smith
Stephen Catchpole
Clement Freud
Aunt Grace
Totti Truman Taylor
Clive Dunn
Fire Extinguisher Salesman
Roy Kinnear
World Banker
Eric Pohlmann
Chancellor of the Exchequer
William Rushton

Robert Amram