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Mini-Skirt Mob, The (1968)

This “revved up and explicit” (Variety) biker bonanza from AIP is about bad-to-the-bone chopper chicks hellbent on destruction.

When her rodeo star boyfriend Jeff (Ross Hagen) dumps her to marry a local wallflower, badass biker babe Shayne (Diane McBain) – leader of the motorcycle gang known as the “Mini-Skirt Mob” – decides that she won’t give up without a fight and instigates a sadistic reign of terror against her ex-lover and his new bride, straight-laced Connie (Sherry Jackson).

Shayne enlists the help of her gang – which includes her younger sister, Edie (Patty McCormack) – who all wear the shortest of miniskirts, have drop-dead gorgeous bodies and wear hair-sprayed hairdos and go-go boots. Their boyfriends, led by the not-very-bright Lon (Jeremy Slate), drink copious amounts of beer and belch a lot.

Jeff and Connie are about to begin their honeymoon in their trailer alongside a riverbank when they are descended upon by the bikers. One thing leads to another, and an ostensibly friendly harassment of the newlyweds becomes a deadly combat directed by Shayne.

There is plenty of rambunctious vitality and crude humour but the film never stoops for the cheap thrill. It’s sharply-paced, well-photographed, and the whole production has a great sense of freedom.

Jeremy Slate
Diane McBain
Sherry Jackson
Jeff Logan
Ross Hagen
Patty McCormack
Harry Dean Stanton
Ronnie Rondell
Barbro Hedström
Sandra Marshall
Steve Balazs
Robert Shelton
Mark Headley

James Gordon White