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Misadventures of Merlin Jones, The (1964)

A college genius (Tommy Kirk) accidentally develops a means of reading minds. Turning this new ability to good use – in contrast to the way some of us might be tempted to exploit it – he tries to solve crimes, but he winds up in court himself.

A pleasant, undemanding Disney comedy from the reliable director of The Absent-Minded Professor (1961), this was was originally made with plans to broadcast it as two hour-long Disney TV shows, but then re-edited for theatrical release.

The characters were stretched a little too far for a 1965 sequel, The Monkey’s Uncle.

merlinjones3 merlinjones6

Merlin Jones
Tommy Kirk

Annette Funicello
Judge Holmsby/Lex Fortas

Leon Ames
Police Captain Loomis

Stuart Erwin
Professor Shattuck

Alan Hewitt
Mrs Gossett

Connie Gilchrist
Detective Hutchins

Dal McKennon

Norman Grabowski

Robert Stevenson