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Mission Stardust (1967)

This Italian sci-fi film – originally released as …4…3…2…1…Morte – was based on a popular series of German science fiction novellas featuring the character of US Space Force Major Perry Rhodan.

In a quest to find a source of radioactive material more powerful than uranium, Rhodan (Lang Jeffries) leads a four-man mission to the Moon on the rocketship Stardust.

On the Moon, they find a stranded spaceship from the planet Arkon, crewed by sexy – and very bossy – Commander Thora (Essy Persson), scientist Crest (John Karlsen) and a gaggle of humanoid robots.

Apparently, Crest is suffering from leukaemia, for which there is a cure available on Earth, so Rhodan takes an Arkonide shuttle back to Earth to visit Dr Frank Haggard (Stefano Sibaldi) at his clinic in Mombasa, East Africa.

One of the Stardust crewmen (Daniel Martín) is a traitor, however, and has supplied information to crime lord Arkin (Pinkas Braun) who is after the radioactive material, but who also sees the encounter with the Arkonides as providing an opportunity for an even greater prize.

After an encounter with the African Federation Army in the Serengeti, the Arkonide shuttle deposits Rhodan and Captain Mike Bull (Luis Dávila) in Mombasa to collect Haggard, but Arkin has arranged to replace the doctor and nurses with his own people, and upon arriving at the Arkonide ship they take Thora hostage in a bid to steal the Arkonide technology.

Rhodan and Bull eventually use Arkonide technology (and good old human fisticuffs) to rescue Thora and the real Dr Haggard, who is then able to cure Crest.

Major Perry Rhodan
Lang Jeffries
Commander Thora
Essy Persson
Captain Mike Bull
Luis Dávila
Pinkas Braun
Dr Frank Haggard
Stefano Sibaldi
Captain Flipper
Daniel Martín
Dr Manoli
Joachim Hansen
General Roon
John (Janos) Bartha
John Karlesen
Dr Sheridan
Ann Smyrner
Nurse Silva
Lisa Halvorsen
Mr Moreland
Tom Felleghy
Car Seller
Gianni Rizzo

Primo Zeglio