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Moon Zero Two (1969)

In 2021, a space salvage expert and his partner become embroiled in a crooked scheme to divert an asteroid containing sapphire and crash it into the moon for later recovery.

The only place that they can bring the asteroid down without drawing attention to themselves is a mining claim on the dark side of the moon. But first, they must dispose of the miner.

Unbeknownst to them, however, the miner’s sister has hired the same salvage team to help her locate her missing brother.

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Special effects technician Les Bowie and a 12-man team took six weeks to make their moon. Constructed from fibreglass it measured six feet in diameter.

The thousands of craters, valleys and mountains were hand-carved by craftsmen on the surface of the fibreglass sphere, which had been made from a special cast.

It was painted, dust-speckled, and cleverly lit until, against a jet black ‘deep space’ background, it had the appearance of the real thing.


Capt. William H. Kemp
James Olson
Clementine Taplin

Catherine Schell
J.J. Hubbard

Warren Mitchell
Elizabeth Murphy

Adrienne Corri

Ori Levy

Dudley Foster

Bernard Bresslaw
Space Captain

Neil McCallum

Joby Blanshard
Len the Barman

Sam Kydd

Roy Ward Baker