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More (1969)

Stefan (Klaus Grünberg) is a German student, fresh out of college and on the hunt for some excitement in his life. So he goes hitchhiking and ends up in late-60s Paris.

Hanging out with the hippies there, he becomes friendly with Charlie (Michel Chanderli), a gambler and petty crook who ‘borrows’ some money from the bag of Estelle (Mimsy Farmer) at a party.

Stefan, who has fallen under Estelle’s spell at the party, takes the money back (plus interest), discovers drugs (Estelle is an occasional heroin user), discovers Pink Floyd, and vows to follow Estelle to Ibiza when he’s completed a “job” (house-breaking) in Paris.

A few weeks later, Stefan turns up in Ibiza where Estelle is staying with a gaggle of hippies and Dr Ernesto Wolf (Heinz Engelmann) – an ex-Nazi and generally shifty character. But Stefan is in love and is just happy he’s around Estelle.

Unbeknownst to Stefan, Estelle has stolen money and drugs from Dr Wolf. The pair sneak off and find a hideaway paradise in the hidden depths of the island – or so they think.

The arrival of Cathy (Louise Wink), one of Estelle’s drug buddies, breaks their peaceful isolation. Then another old friend enters Estelle’s life once more – heroin, and once she’s back on it, she’s desperate to introduce Stefan to the relationship. He tries it, gets hooked and everything changes.

The love affair between the two now becomes secondary to the love affair the pair have with heroin.

Things gradually start to crumble as the heroin doses crank up, made worse when Dr Wolf’s heavies finally catch up with Estelle. He wants his drugs back – or at least – he wants them to work off the debt, selling drugs on the island for him. There’s no escape from the island, so there’s no choice.

The relationship breaks down even more, but the drugs keep coming, despite an attempt to get clean. Things can only end badly.

More doesn’t completely work as an anti-drug movie. Starring Mimsy Farmer in her prime – Estelle looks stunning in just about every scene despite having a serious heroin habit – it’s just a little too glamorous.

Mimsy Farmer
Klaus Grünberg
Dr Ernesto Wolf
Heinz Engelmann
Michel Chanderli
Henry Wolf
Louise Wink