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Move Over Darling (1963)

Ellen, aka Eve (Doris Day), missing and legally dead for five years, returns to her husband Nick (James Garner) just after Nick has got remarried – to the sexy Bianca (Polly Bergen).


Ellen had survived a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean and had been on a deserted island, with no phone or sun cream, albeit with fellow survivor Stephen, aka Adam (Chuck Connors) until rescued by a US submarine.

Ellen realises that she must take things slowly – even her children don’t recognise her – but her mother-in-law (Thelma Ritter) doesn’t, and takes out a bigamy order against her son.

A sojourn in jail gives Nicky time to sort out which wife he really wants to keep.

The giddy tale, first filmed as My Favourite Wife in 1940, was being remade as Something’s Got To Give with Marilyn Monroe – but Marilyn died. Doris Day and James Garner then stepped in, and the confluence of their comedic talents created this bright, funny, marital comedy.

Life on set was often hard for Day – She was working with a cracked rib, after an over-enthusiastic move by Garner, and she was also car-washed, although the producers did, thoughtfully, leave the scene until the last day of shooting in case the car wash detergents gave her any skin problems.


Ellen Wagstaff Arden
Doris Day
Nicholas Arden

James Garner
Bianca Steele Arden

Polly Bergen
Grace Arden

Thelma Ritter
Mr Codd (Hotel Manager)

Fred Clark
Stephen Burkett

Chuck Connors

Michael Gordon