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Mrs Gibbons’ Boys (1962)

The three Gibbons boys are a terrible trio. Ronnie, the youngest (Peter Hempson) is an irrepressible lad whose high spirits have landed him on probation. The others, Mike (Frederick Bartman) and Frank (David Lodge) have become even more embroiled with the custodians of the law – they’re in prison.

But widowed Mrs Gibbons (Kathleen Harrison) is one of the nicest people, and it is understandable that she does not discuss her sons’ activities with others, especially Lester (Lionel Jeffries), the gas office cashier who is seeking her hand in marriage.

Lester has a change of heart when Mike and Frank suddenly present themselves at home after escaping from gaol. With them is a third fugitive called ‘Horse’ (Milo O’Shea) who makes courageous advances at Mrs Gibbons’ glamorous, curvaceous relative, Myra (Diana Dors) who is staying with her.

The three fugitives hold Lester prisoner in Mrs Gibbons’ bathroom so he won’t inform the police of their whereabouts and Mike borrows Lester’s clothes and keys, goes to his office and grabs £50 to use for their getaway.

There are many breezy, boisterous incidents before Lester recovers his pride, his clothes and the gas board’s money, and Mrs Gibbons’ boys are put in their place – back behind bars.

Mrs Gibbons
Kathleen Harrison
Lionel Jeffries
Diana Dors
John Le Mesurier
Mike Gibbons
Frederick Bartman
Frank Gibbons
David Lodge
Dick Emery
Eric Pohlmann
William Kerwin
Milo O’Shea
Ronnie Gibbons
Peter Hempson
Penny Morrell
Mrs Morelli
Nancy Nevinson
Relief PC
Mark Singleton
Dustcart driver
Tony Hilton
PC Draper
Hamilton Dyce

Max Varnel