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Mummy’s Shroud, The (1967)

An expedition heads for Egypt to exhume the mummy of a pharaoh for a museum, but they are unprepared for the intervention of the pharaoh’s slave.

Hammer could never resist dabbling with the dark forces of ancient Egypt, but this third descent into the mummy’s tomb was one of the studio’s least accomplished horrors.

After dwelling a bit too long in the land of the pharaohs, the action shifts to 1920 as Sir Basil Walden’s (André Morell) expedition ventures into the vault.

We know it’s doomed because it’s sponsored by treasure-seeking rogue Stanley Preston (John Phillips) and local malcontent Hasmid Ali (Roger Delgado) knows the spell to revive the avenging mummy.

There are some particularly grisly murders and a terrific finale, but it’s mostly dry as dust.

Sir Basil Walden
André Morell
Stanley Preston
John Phillips
Paul Preston
David Buck
Barbara Preston
Elizabeth Sellars
Claire de Sangre
Maggie Kimberley
Michael Ripper
Harry Newton
Tim Barrett
Chief Inspector Barrani
Richard Warner
Hasmid Ali
Roger Delgado
Catherine Lacey
Dickie Owen
Pharaoh Mentor
Bruno Barnabe
Toolsie Persaud
Eddie Powell

John Gilling