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Munster, Go Home (1966)

The Munster family debuted on the big screen just as their two-year stint on CBS was winding down. When the cast made this movie in 1966, they did not realise they would not be back for a third season in the autumn.

In the film, Herman and his family travel to jolly old England to claim a castle they have inherited. Unfortunately, the estate is being used by their nefarious relatives as the centre of a counterfeiting ring.

When the family turn up to inspect Munster Hall, their aristocratic next-of-kin (under the deliciously plummy command of Hermione Gingold) try and scare them away with fake apparitions and musty scares.

Of course, such spookiness only makes the Munsters feel even more at home.

Debbie Watson, who had starred in the television series Tammy before making this film, became the third Marilyn (following Beverley Owen and Pat Priest) and brought a Gidget-like flair to the role.

Also featured in the movie was Grandpa’s ‘Drag-u-la’ coffin-based drag car. It was created by George Barris – like the Munster Koach.

Terry-Thomas and genre veteran John Carradine enter into the spirit of a charming, colourful and funny affair that ends with a wild car chase through the countryside.

Designed as a Saturday matinee feature for kids, Munster, Go Home had a Disney-feel to its visual approach and captured the warmth and humour of the TV series perfectly.

Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis made appearances around the US, along with their Munster Koach, to promote the film for Universal Pictures.

Herman Munster
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Lily Munster
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Lady Effigie
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