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Murderers’ Row (1966)

In this sequel to The Silencers (1966), Dean Martin returns as photographer-turned-secret agent Matt Helm to save Washington from dastardly Julian Wall (Karl Malden) and his ‘Helio Beam’.

Martin’s morning-after-the-night-before performance has a certain louche appeal, but, like any self-respecting Bond rip-off, Harry Levin’s film has problems spoofing a spoof.

murderersrow9The decor is hard on the eye, while Ann-Margret’s disco gyrations are cringeworthy.

Based on the novel by Donald Hamilton, the plot is remarkably similar to Thunderball (1965).

Matt Helm
Dean Martin
Suzie Solaris
Julian Wall
Karl Malden
Coco Duquette
Camilla Sparv
James Gregory
Lovey Kravezit
Beverly Adamsmurderersrow
Dr Norman Solaris
Richard Eastham
Tom Reese
Billy Orcutt
Duke Howard
Captain Devereaux
Marcel Hillaire
Miss January
Corinne Cole
Dr Rogas
Robert Terry
Dino, Desi & Billy

Henry Levin