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Naked Angels (1969)

After being severely beaten and put in the hospital for two months by a rival biker gang, Mother (Michael Greene) returns to his motorcycle gang – The LA Angels – and quickly resumes his position as leader again.

His former old lady, Marlene (strawberry blonde Jennifer Gan in the sexiest lace-up leather pants) also returns to him after riding with the gang’s lieutenant, Fingers (Richard Rust) during Mother’s absence.

The Angels head to Las Vegas to confront the gang who put Mother in hospital (the Las Vegas Hotdoggers) and pursue them into the desert.

There, Mother’s despotic leadership style (and his request that the guys gangbang Marlene as a form of punishment) sees him evicted from the gang – though they remain determined to wreak revenge on the rival biker gang. A stick of dynamite brings the Hotdoggers out of their abandoned mine hideout for a vicious brawl with motorbike chains, knives, fists and boots.

Financed by Roger Corman, and produced by film student David Dawdy, the film used Francis Ford Coppola’s camera truck and technician. It was written in three weekends and shot in three weeks.

A stuntman was killed during filming when a motorcycle stunt went wrong forcing a re-shoot of all the scenes he had previously recorded. Jennifer Gan sadly passed away in 2000.

Michael Greene
Jennifer Gan
Richard Rust
Sweaty Jesus
Leonard Coates
Corey Fischer
Elaine Guy
Bruce James
Joe Kasey
Mighty Mouse
Tedd King
Glen Lee
Howard Lester
Penelope Spheeris

Bruce D Clark