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Never Let Go (1960)

What was intended to be a gritty insight into the brutality of the underworld, ends up being a tatty melodrama in this mid-budget misfire from director John Guillermin.

Peter Sellers is cast against type as the leader of a stolen car racket, whose ruthless methods prompt victim Richard Todd and street punk Adam Faith to forge an unlikely alliance against him.

Alun Falconer’s script does nobody any favours, with Sellers reduced to embarrassing histrionics in the bid to shed his comic image.

Todd never convinces as the salesman who takes the law into his own hands, while Elizabeth Sellars, as his wife, comes across as a right madam.


John Cummings
Richard Todd
Lionel Meadows
Peter Sellers
Anne Cummings
Elizabeth Sellars
Tommy Towers
Adam Faith
Carol White
Alfie Barnes
Mervyn Johns
Inspector Thomas
Noel Willman
David Lodge
Alec Berger
Peter Jones
John Le Mesurier

John Guillermin