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Night We Got the Bird, The (1960)

Bertie Skidmore’s honeymoon is ruined by a talkative parrot, and he’s convinced the pesky bird is the reincarnation of his new wife’s ex-husband.

Your heart will go out to the splendid cast that found itself lumbered with this turkey. Ronald Shiner has the most luck, as he at least gets to spend much of the picture as a reincarnated parrot, thus leaving doltish egghead Brian Rix to carry the can for his misdemeanours as an antiques forger.

With bedroom mix-ups, courtroom chaos, St Trinian’s-style aggro and a break-in at a top-secret space lab, there’s enough going on, but it’s all so dismally unfunny, even though accomplished farceur Ray Cooney had a hand in the script.

Bertie Skidmore
Brian Rix
Julie Skidmore
Dora Bryan
Leo Franklyn
Irene Handl
Liz Fraser
Wolfie Green
John Slater
Chippendale Charlie
Reginald Beckwith
Dr Vincent
Robertson Hare
Mr Warre-Monger
Kynaston Reeves
Court clerk
John Le Mesurier
Cecil Gibson
Ronald Shiner
PC Lovejoy
Terry Scott

Darcy Conyers