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On The Beat (1962)

Reprising the formula already familiar from his army comedy The Square Peg (1958), Norman Wisdom’s alter ego Norman Pitkin is pitted against flamboyant villains and authority figures.

Diminutive daffy Pitkin wants desperately to become a policeman just like his father, but his height – amongst other things – prevents this.

He has to be content with washing police cars at Scotland Yard until the police realise that the only way to solve a spate of jewel thefts is to make use of Norman’s uncanny resemblance to the chief suspect.

The criminal is posing as an effeminate hairdresser, so Norman is sent undercover to impersonate him and retrieve evidence leading to the thief’s arrest.

Norman Pitkin/Giulio Napolitani
Norman Wisdom
Rosanna Guardia

Jennifer Jayne
Sir Ronald Ackroyd

Raymond Huntley
Inspector Cecil Hobson

David Lodge
Mrs Stammers

Esma Cannon

Eric Barker
Sgt. Lucilla Wilkins
Eleanor Summerfield
Ronnie Stevens
Chief Superintendent Bert Belcher
Terence Alexander
Maurice Kaufmann
George Pastell
Mr Bollington
Campbell Singer
Giulio’s mother
Peggy Ann Clifford
Lady Hinchingford
Jean Aubrey
Mr Bassett
Monte Landis
Trigger O’Flynn
Alfred Burke

Robert Asher