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One Million Years B.C. (1966)

Back to the beginnings of time went Hammer Films, with vast monsters roaming the earth and stone age man fighting for his primitive existence.

A power struggle for leadership of the Rock people results in the banishment of young Tumak (John Richardson).

After wandering through the wilderness, he comes upon the more civilised beach camp of the Shell people.

Enchanted by Shell maiden Loana (Raquel Welch), he begins to see the benefit of living less aggressively and becomes a hero by defending the Shell camp from an invading Allosaurus.

Tumak’s uncivilised behaviour results in him being expelled from the beach tribe as well, but this time Loana decides to go with him

The film wraps up with a massive eruption. Rocks stab up out of the ground, rivers of lava gush out of a mountain, and cavemen topple from a landscape that’s breaking up like an ice floe. The final shots show the volcanic survivors staggering together in black & white.


A naive story with plenty of honest acting, plenty of thrills and special effects from Ray Harryhausen highlighting the tale of star-crossed lovers at the dawn of time.

It certainly didn’t hurt box office takings that the main star of the movie was curvy Raquel Welch running around in a skimpy animal-hide bikini!


Raquel Welch

John Richardson

Percy Herbert

Robert Brown

Martine Beswick

Lisa Thomas

Jean Waldon

Malya Nappi

Don Chaffey