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Our Man in Marrakesh (1966)

This Anglo/American production stars Tony Randall as Andrew Jessel, an innocent American who becomes involved with spies and gangsters in Morocco when a dead body turns up in the wardrobe of his hotel room.

Jessel has been travelling on a tourist coach where the other passengers coincidentally include femme fatale CIA agent Kyra Stanovy (Senta Berger), vivacious blonde Samia Voss (Margaret Lee) – who has a date with a local influential Moroccan called Casimir (Herbert Lom) who now begins to hound Jessel down.

Also on the bus is someone who carries funds for a political operation planned by Casimir but whose identity is a secret. Can it be the glum English Travel Agent (John Le Mesurier) who chatters on about economical holidays? or the sanitary salesman (Wilfrid Hyde-White) who talks of sanitation for emergent nations?

Terry-Thomas and Klaus Kinski appear as Arabs, albeit – in Thomas’ case – with an immaculate Mayfair accent.

It’s a low budget film with a mundane script, a lack of thrills and a confusing (rather than suspenseful) ending. Released in some markets as Bang! Bang! You’re Dead!

Andrew Jessel
Tony Randall
Kyra Stanovy
Senta Berger
Mr Casimir
Herbert Lom
Arthur Fairbrother
Wilfrid Hyde-White
El Caid
Grégoire Aslan
George C. Lillywhite
John Le Mesurier
Klaus Kinski
Samia Voss
Margaret Lee
Hotel Clerk
Emile Stemmler
Madame Bouseny
Helen Sanguinetti
Francisco Sánchez
Police Chief
William Sanguinetti
Motor Cycle Policeman
Hassan Essakali
Keith Peacock

Don Sharp