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Pad and How to Use It, The (1966)

The Pad is a touching story, set in the swinging sixties, of Bob Handman (Brain Bedford), a shy and sensitive young man lost in his own world of classical music, whose psychological innocence is destroyed when he meets and makes a date with Doreen (Julie Sommars), a vapid young woman.

Bob seeks the help of his swinging, girl-happy friend Ted (James Farentino) to show him how to please and win her.

You know what happens next but perhaps you aren’t quite prepared for what happens after that when Bob retaliates. The Bobs will get the message. Maybe the Teds will get it too.

Bob Handman
Brian Bedford
Doreen Marshall
Julie Sommars
James Farentino
Edy Williams
Roger Bacon
Don Conreaux
Nick Navarro
Fat Woman
Pearl Shear

Brian G. Hutton