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Paint Your Wagon (1969)

A gold prospector buys a wife from a Mormon and agrees to share her with his mining partner when she insists they all live together.

Mindful that her presence in an all-male town might give rise to jealousy, he hijacks a stagecoach carrying six working girls and opens a brothel in town.

Alan Jay Lerner invented a new “adult” plot, quite unnecessarily, for this screen version of his own Broadway show, in which Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood share Jean Seberg in a ménage à trois.

Joshua Logan directs with the heaviest of hands, and only Harve Presnell as Rotten Luck Willie emerges with credit, but then he does have all the best songs, although it was Marvin who topped the UK charts with Wandrin’ Star.

Clint uses his own singing voice charmingly, too, and there’s some of the finest chorale work (directed by Roger Wagner) ever heard in a film musical.

Ben Rumson
Lee Marvin
Clint Eastwood
Jean Seberg
Rotten Luck Willie
Harve Presnell
Mad Jack Duncan
Ray Walston
Horton Fenty
Tom Ligon
Alan Dexter
Horace Tabor
William O’Connell
Haywood Holbrook
Ben Baker
Mr Fenty
Alan Baxter
Mrs Fenty
Paula Trueman
Robert Easton
Geoffrey Norman
Steve Bull
H B Haggerty
Joe Mooney
Terry Jenkins
Karl Bruck
Jacob Woodling
John Mitchum
Sarah Woodling
Sue Casey
Harvey Parry
HW Gim
Roy Jenson
Eddie Little Sky
Pat Hawley
Frock-coated man
William Mims

Joshua Logan