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Paranoiac (1962)

paranoiacThe return of Tony Ashby (Alexander Davion), believed drowned in boyhood, on the eve of the division of the family fortune saves Eleanor (Janette Scott), his sister, from the charge of insanity and reveals their brother, Simon (Oliver Reed), as a murderer.

Tony confesses to Eleanor, with whom he has fallen in love, that he is an imposter and Simon perishes in a fire started by Harriet (Sheila Burrell), their aunt, to destroy Tony and the evidence of Simon’s guilt.paranoiac9

This psychological thriller from Hammer delivers fine studies in derangement from Reed and Burrell.

Eleanor Ashby
Janette Scott
Simon Ashby
Oliver Reed
Tony Ashby
Alexander Davion
Harriet Ashby
Sheila Burrell
Liliane Brousse
John Kosset
Maurice Denham
Keith Kosset
John Bonney
John Stuart

Freddie Francis