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Pit and the Pendulum, The (1961)

Vincent Price is on the rampage again – this time in 16th century Spain – in this marvellous horror tale based on Edgar Allen Poe’s story.

He plays Nicholas Medina, a mentally tormented nobleman who believes himself to be his own late father, Sebastian – who was one of the most vicious torturers of all time.

The necessary ingredients are all there: the castle on the hill, walled-up coffins, screams in the night and a fantastic torture chamber.

Barbara Steele appears as medina’s wife, Elizabeth – a woman whose evil scheme turns against her with truly horrifying irony, and wicked dispatch.

John Kerr co-stars as Francis Barnard, the young man whose search for the truth of his sister’s death uncovers a bizarre and ghastly secret.


Nicholas Medina/Sebastian Medina
Vincent Price
Francis Barnard
John Kerr
Elizabeth Barnard Medina
Barbara Steele
Catherine Medina
Luana Anders
Doctor Charles Leon
Antony Carbone
Patrick Westwood
Lynn Bernay
Mary Menzies
Charles Victor
Nicholas as a child
Larry Turner

Roger Corman