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Plague of the Zombies, The (1966)

Respected doctor Sir James Forbes (André Morell) comes to a Cornish village with his daughter Sylvia (Diane Clare) after a request from his old student Peter Tompson (Brook Williams) and uncovers a plot by the squire, Clive Hamilton (John Carson) – who has recently returned from Haiti, the home of voodoo – to turn all the men of the village into zombies to work in his mine.

The superstitious locals have forbidden autopsies so the two doctors are forced to open the grave of a recent victim in order to learn more about the mystery “plague” affecting the village, only to be caught by Sergeant Swift (Michael Ripper).

When the grave is found to be empty, Swift agrees to help get to the bottom of the mystery.

When Peter’s wife Alice (Jacqueline Pearce) is found dead, Sir James is determined to do whatever he has to do to bring the killer to justice.

This movie represents Hammer’s only foray into zombie territory and has been lauded as one of their finest films.

Sir James Forbes
André Morell
Sylvia Forbes
Diane Clare
Squire Clive Hamilton
John Carson
Alexander Davion
Alice Tompson
Jacqueline Pearce
Dr Peter Tompson
Brook Williams
Sgt Swift
Michael Ripper
Tom Martinus
Marcus Hammond
Constable Christian
Dennis Chinnery
John Martinus
Ben Aris

John Gilling