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President’s Analyst, The (1967)

It may seem dated today, but this clever satire was the ultimate hip trip back in the Swinging Sixties, and it is still very, very funny.

Talented iconoclast Theodore J Flicker wrote and directed, and profited from the presence of James Coburn in the lead as the suave psychiatrist earmarked for secret service assassination, only to be saved by other agencies interested in the information they assume has passed between the president and his shrink.


Coburn leads them all a merry chase, notably causing international havoc during a hilarious sex romp with hippy Jill Banner.

The film’s look, in Technicolored Panavision, will delight all baby-boomers as they recognise that quintessential 1960s surface gloss.

Dr Sidney Schaefer
James Coburn
Don Masters
Godfrey Cambridge
Severn Darden
Nan Butler
Joan Delaney
Arlington Hewes
Pat Harrington
Snow White
Jill Banner
Ethan Allen Cocket
Eduard Franz
Henry Lux
Walter Burke
Dr Lee-Evans
Will Geer
Wynn Quantrill
William Daniels
Jeff Quantrill
Joan Darling

Theodore J Flicker