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Primitives, The (1962)

‘The Primitives’ are four jewel thieves – three men led by one woman – posing as entertainers, who draw upon their skill with disguises in their nefarious schemes.

Jan Holden is Cheta, well named as the female cat burglar of the team, who becomes an inconvenient love interest.

When they rob a London jewellers, the British police spot the unusual thespian quality of the crime and get on their tails.

The Primitives was released in two lengths. The shorter version – as released by Rank Film Distributors Limited for the UK – was approximately 70 minutes long, while the extended version – showing Sergeant Henry and John searching the night clubs and strip joints for Cheta – was approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Jan Holden

Bill Edwards

Rio Fanning

George Mikell
Sergeant Henry

Terence Fallon

Derek Ware
Chief Inspector Wills

Peter Hughes

John Barrard

Alfred Travers