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Psychopath, The (1966)

A series of strange murders have been taking place. The murders are of men who play in a string quartet together and a creepy toy doll is left at the scene of each death.

Inspector Holloway (Patrick Wymark) investigates and is soon very curious about a certain Mrs Von Sturm (a gloriously bonkers Margaret Johnston) – an eccentric widowed woman who lives in a strange house full of dolls with her irritable son Mark (John Standing).

Holloway learns that the dead men – Reinhardt Klermer (John Harvey), Frank Saville (Alexander Knox), Martin Roth (Thorley Walters) and Victor Ledoux (Robert Crewdson) – had served on an Allied War Commission at the end of World War II and convicted a German industrialist called Von Sturm, for using slave labour and confiscated his estates.

It transpires, however, that Klermer may have discovered evidence of corruption on the commission which, if proved, would see Von Sturm’s estates restored.

The two young leads are Judy Huxtable and Don Borisenko.

Inspector Holloway
Patrick Wymark
Mrs Von Sturm
Margaret Johnston
Mark Von Sturm
John Standing
Frank Saville
Alexander Knox
Louise Saville
Judy Huxtable
Donald Loftis
Don Borisenko
Martin Roth
Thorley Walters
Victor Ledoux
Robert Crewdson
Dr Glyn
Colin Gordon
Tim Barrett
Frank Forsyth
Olive Gregg
Harold Lang
Gina Gianelli
Reinhardt Klermer
John Harvey

Freddie Francis