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Pure Hell of St Trinian’s, The (1960)

The fourth form monsters’ latest trick is their best ever – they’ve burned down St Trinian’s!

As the school stands trial for arson the police breathe a sigh of relief. But miraculously, the judge’s infatuation with Rosalie – the beautiful blonde of the sixth form – means the school is freed. And with them go the most glamorous sixth formers ever seen in gym-slips.

It spells a new reign of terror and mayhem as the girls of St Trinian’s regroup with gleeful anticipation.


Bereft of Alastair Sim, this third film in the St Trinian’s series has its moments, but, sadly, all too few of them.

Woefully short on mayhem, the film spends too much time in the company of eventual castaways Cecil Parker and Joyce Grenfell. What’s worse, Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat waste the opportunities presented by casting Irene Handl as the new headmistress and Eric Barker and Dennis Price as the men from the ministry.


Professor Canford
Cecil Parker
Sergeant Ruby Gates
Joyce Grenfell
Flash Harry
George Cole
Thorley Walters
Eric Barker
Miss Harker-Packer
Irene Handl
Alphonse O’Reilly
Sidney James
Dennis Price
Raymond Huntley
Superintendent Kemp-Bird
Lloyd Lamble
Miss Partridge
Liz Fraser
John Le Mesurier

Frank Launder